1. MVURA Request for Proposals - 117 Adams Building

    The MVURA is seeking responses to a Request for Proposals to develop a partnership with an interested party who can develop and execute a business plan and associated improvements on the property resulting in measurable economic development results. Read on...
  2. Information on Water Meter Reads

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, water meters were not read for this billing period. Meters will be read in Oct and 2 months of water usage charges will reflect on your Nov. bill. The first 10,000 gallons of water use will not be charged on the Nov bill.
  3. Trash Service and Yard Cleanup Is Required

    Apparently, there is some confusion in the City regarding the requirement to have trash service and to clean up properties. More information...
  4. Council Approves Small Business Coaching Program

    At the March 1st City Council meeting, the Council agreed to hire an economic development consultant. This was another step in the Council’s efforts to move forward on a business revitalization program for the community. Read on...
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  1. Monte Vista - Surrounded by Inspiration
    Ski Hi Building

    The Ski Hi Multi-Purpose Building will be available
    for Stampede and the SLV Fair this year.

    There had been some question as to whether or
    not  the facility would be open, but this was answered
    Friday by an engineering report received
    by the City of Monte Vista. View full news release here.